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We are Solicitor Belfast, welcome to our company website.

At Solicitor Belfast we specialise in providing efficient solicitor help and advice at very affordable prices.

We are based in Belfast, Northern Ireland and we handle all types of law including the following – 

  • family
  • litigation
  • property or tax
  • commercial law
  • corporate advice on transactions or cases
  • email and telephone communications
  • drafting court documents and letters for clients
  • handling negotiations out of court
  • managing client legal files
  • advising and instructing barristers on behalf of their client

We based our business on providing a personal service that is both fast and accurate, and structured so your solicitor costs are kept to a minimum.

All of our staff are highly dedicated, and work for the good of the company and also you as the client. Our solicitors are fully trained and certified specialists, and they know how to communicate professionally.

There are a number of solicitor and law firms in Belfast, that provide good service. Many of these are large companies, but with larger companies we find that the personal touch tends to be neglected.

The service that we provide is very client focused on detail and a personal approach as we understand that a solicitors main job is to help you the client navigate the world of legal issues.

We are trained to offer advice on how the law affects you and direct you on the best route to take to solve your issues.

At solicitor Belfast, our professionals will negotiate and correspond with the other party on your behalf and represent you in court while preparing all the legal documents.

You should always seek legal advice from a trained and established solicitor who will save you money and guide you through the legal system.

At our solicitor office in Belfast we have the right professionals for the job and we are only a call away.

Belfast Based Solicitors

It has always been the tradition that lawyers be trained in every aspect of law before they choose their preferred discipline and their future career. 

Our solicitor office is based in the centre of the city of Belfast. Our clients are welcome to visit us for discussion about any topic relating to law. If you would like to talk about a legal issue, we would love to meet you.

We deal with all types of businesses ranging from individuals, home based part-time businesses, right through to a corporate PLC companies.

In Belfast and the rest of the UK, what we all know as the legal profession is made up of many different types of disciplines which all come under the name of lawyer.

There are licensed conveyancers, trademark and patent notaries and attorneys, paralegals and legal executives.

But the two oldest departments of law are that of barristers and solicitors so we must make a notable distinction.

If you are looking to discover which of the two know the law courts inner working then that is the barristers.

Barristers provide professional legal advice or provide advocacy before a judge on the likely outcome of a trial, solicitors on the other hand could not.

solicitors in belfast northern ireland

Solicitor Belfast Services

A solicitors traditional role is to directly deal with a lay person and to identify the true nature of their issue at hand, they would also gather evidence and perform legal preparatory research.

A solicitor would then contact the barrister and refer the clients case to them if this was a necessary action. 

In many cases the barrister is instructed through a solicitor while building a dispute but it is not always a requirement.

For example, the Law Society of England would represent lawyers in England and Wales for solicitors and the Bar Council would represent barristers and we also have the Institute of Legal Executives representing other regulatory bodies in the UK.

The Solicitors Regulation Authority regulate all educations and qualifications and all lawyer prospects have to have a current law degree, but they can also take a refresher course.

If a client is dissatisfied with the way their solicitor dealt with their case they can file a complaint with an independent body known as The Legal Complaints Service, and if they are unhappy with a barrister they can contact The Bar Standards Board.

These aforementioned regulatory bodies together form all the professional standards for lawyers, this also applies for all attorneys within Northern Irelnad and the rest of the UK.

Student lawyers who want to become solicitors have to register with The Law Society as a student and must complete a full study year which is known as The Legal Practice course.

solicitor belfast

They then have to serve a 2 years apprenticeship known as a Training Contract before being recognised as a solicitor and allowed to work unsupervised with clients.

It is the responsibility of the law firm to make sure their new solicitors have taken and completed the vocational and academic legal stages training.

In the past the duties of barristers and solicitors were strictly separated but with the recent developments in UK legal practice these divisions are of much less importance.

Because the law regulating the higher rights of audience has changed, solicitors are appearing more and more in the lower courts and more regularly in the higher courts.

Some are even predicting the end of the Bar as this trend is likely to continue in the years to come.

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